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Increase business performance and compliance, reduce Risks

 Discover CheckLyst solution 



Solution Overview

Checklyst is a software that allows to transform business process into a digital model. The system offers a unique solution to design, configure and use structured digital models, organize and manage the business processes through integrated electronic forms, and finally to evaluate the performance of a process structure.


Create digital work-flows. Automate data collection. Create compliance. 

Drive value creation


Checklyst  is a cloud native web application that provides scalability to support increased business needs, offering competitive advantages over traditional solutions.

Its microservices architecture is a best practice for building large-scale systems and a prerequisite for performance optimization. CheckLyst can be installed also on-premises.


Checklyst architecture allows to manage different plants of the same company with one installation.

Each plant can manage its own users and data independently from other plants (Data Segregation). The date and time of each plant is shown in the local Time zone format.


Checklyst can be configured to allow access through company network userid and password.

Users of different domains can be configured as users of the same company plant.



CheckLyst WebApplication

  • It enables all the features of the CheckLyst Application.
  • It is flexible and highly configurable.
  • It is GMP validated and 21 CFR Part 11/EudraLex Annex 11 compliant.
  • Cloud\On premises Architecture.

CheckLyst Mobile App

  • It allows to use the Instance Manager in a layout completely adaptable to iPad screen.
  • It allows to use the iPad native features inside the Instance Manager (i.e. acquisition of input through iPad camera).
  • It enables the use of the system in mobility allowing the connection of multiple users to the same session.

Prototype Directory

  • An external module that can be used as a repository of PDF of active prototype versions.
  • It is provided for business continuity purpose.